Dolls shown above were cast in Regal Porcelain.
Doll Artists are using and recommending this new formula porcelain.
The greenware cleans easily and the bisque has no memory or warpage and is exceptionally smooth.
Firing temperature is cone 6, but firing range is wide enough to accommodate most kilns.
No mildew problems will occur after china firing.
Texture of the porcelain is so very important to the look of the china paint on a finished doll.

    This new formula porcelain is a  high quality, easy to pour,  easy to clean slip. All  slips has been screened to remove black particles.

     We offer 2 very white slips.....
Snow White  and Ornamental White.
     Ornamental White is the whitest slip available at present. Snow White and the Ornamental are different in casting and firing properties from the Antique White and the color formulas. They are thicker but cast beautifully after they have been stirred thoroughly.

     Both slips produce greenware that is slightly brittle and both will require some propping in firing. 
     Ware cast in either of these slips will be worth the extra effort. 


As you work with this new slip, you will understand why we call it a breakthrough in slip formulation!

When slip is properly mixed it will become fluid and will drain easily, leaving a smooth surface on the inside of the casting. 

Care should be exercised not to distort pieces when removing from the mold. Regal, like all porcelain and stoneware has a "memory", and pieces that have been deformed in the leather hard stage will again take this shape when fired.

Firing is cone 6 in most kilns, depending on how much shine you want on the fired ware. Propping is necessary only on the most extreme shapes, except for the Ornamental White which will require propping.

Antique White and the colors are suitable for lace draping. Regal is easy to clean either wet, dry or in soft bisque. The greenware is strong.

Snow White is a very white slip. Ornamental White is the whitest porcelain on the market. It is very translucent and strong enough that it can be cast thinly and still maintain fired strength.

We ship small quantities if there is not a distributor in your area. Visa, Mastercard and Discover are available.


Snow White Antique White Ornamental Sheer Flesh Fleshtone
Rose Flesh Regal Flesh Modern Flesh Creamy Tan Oriental Flesh
Bronze Flesh African Flesh Soft Brown Black