Introducing       APPLI-KATE  from  Macky


      Appli-Kate is a build-up type glaze to be used over fired texture glazes, unfired underglazes, Color-Codes, or over a matte glaze. Designs done with the Appli-Kates have a beautiful sugary appearance and they can be shaded with translucent underglazes.

     The product will be solid in the jar and occasionally may even be dry. If dry, add enough water to cover and let stand a few minutes. Cut and stir with the Appli-Kate tool, add a few drops of water and stir all the way to the bottom of the jar. The product will be smooth and creamy and will slowly drip off the tool when proper consistency is reached.

     Use the brush as a small scoop, picking up large or small portions depending on the size of the area to be covered. Drop product from the brush and immediately push or pull toward edge of leaf or petal using the brush to shape turn backs, etc.

     Shade design elements with translucent underglaze and fire to cone 05.

     We have over 100 different patterns designed for use with Appli-Kates. Send a SASE for a list of these.





Macky is stocking a texture glaze for use as a basecoat for the AK series.

We have 8 different colors that are especially good for highlighting the AK designs.

The AK Base colors are available in 4 oz and pint jars.