Creative Paradise discontinued

                                                     Creative Paradise Price List 

Please contact Creative Paradise in Goddard, Kansas for mold numbers not shown in the price list above.


Page 1 Thinking Frog,   Covered Bridge Plate,   Wooden Shoe,   Friend Plaque,    Beauty Plaque,  Pottery Bird Nest   Page 26 Fountain Bowl,  Flower Top,     Rock,     Two Bears,    Large Bear,   Millhouse,   Bridge, Steps,   Mill Race,   Provincial Native Tracker,      Owl Maiden,      Adobe Wedding Vase
Page 2   Flower Frog   Page 27 Angel/Girl, Wings,    Blessed Garden Base,    Stone Planter,    Friends Shade,    Happy Gazer,    Believe Insert
Page 3  Corner Angels,      Angela Angel   Page 28 Snowman Waterer,    Santa Waterer,      Pumpkin Waterer,        Pumpkin Kids Lid,      Snow Kids Lid,      Fall Tablet,           Trick or Treat Tablet,     Plain "Scroll" Tablet,     Snow Tablet,  
Page 4 Pottery Rabbits,    Rabbit Base,    Roulette Wheel,    Card Holders   Page 29 Winter Wreath
Page 5 Frog/Turtle Friends,    Sun Tablet   Page 30 Dancing Ghosts,    Ghost Chiminary,    Punkin Patch,   Straw base for 3325
Page 6 Large Yule Santa,   Yule Santa,   Santa Cookie Jar,   Flat Snowmen,   Star Santa Ornament, Santa Dishes,       Joy Snowman Santa   Page 31 Medium Stone Pumpkin,   Base,   Fall Candle Base,    Halloween Shade,    Small Stone Pumpkin,     Base
Page 7 Illumination Angel,         Angel Base,       Snow in Love,        Angel Tea Light,          Provincial Snowman,     Provincial Mr & Mrs Santa,       Snowman & Flakes for 3613,  Santa & Packages for 3613   Page 32 Ghosts and Pumpkins,    Pumpkin.Gourd.Hat,     Broom Slab,    Halloween  insert,    Give Thanks insert,   Turkey Plate,     Plain Plate Holder,     Garden Ghost,      Haunted Birdhouse,    Bird/Sign,    Winkie Ghost,  Ghost Story Book Lid,    R.I.P. Ghosts,   Super Frog,      Frogula,      Extra Small Misfit Pumpkins 
Page 8 "Scamper" Large Sitting Reindeer,  Friendly Snowman,   Bell Plate,   Bell,    Turkey   Page 33 Dragon,   Dragon Plate,   Plain Plate Holder,   Rock Mirror Frame,  Dragons for Mirror,  
Page 9 Large Ornaments,      Small Ornaments,       Large Boot,     Medium Boot,     Small Boots,  Snowman Pitcher,       Small Mantle Santa w/ List,             Large Angel Shade,       Snowman  Lid,            Cloud Candle Cozy,              Tree Plate   Page 34 Unicorn,   Unicorn Book Lid,   Unicorn Shade,   Castle Candle Top & Base
Page 10 See, Hear, Speak No Evil Snowmen,     Tree,    Lamp,    Base,      Christmas Tree,           Caroling Snowmen,               Book/Bible Ornaments,                 Garden Ornaments   Page 35 Ornate Angel Ornaments,  Rock Mirror Frame,   Cattails/Frog,   Daisy Flower Child,   Sun Kisses,   Woodland Sprite,   Lawn Frog
Page 11 Poinsettia,      Cardinal,     Snowball with Tree,    Snowball with Wreath,     Snow Angels   Page 36 Three Birdhouses,    Peace Stone,    Freedom Stone,    Prairie Dogs,    Holey Mackerel,    Rabbit/Sign,   Wedding Plate,   Plain Plate Holder,  Hole Stump,   Holey Frog,   Mole Sign,   Brave Plate,  Mother Plate
Page 12 British Snowman,     Russian Snowman,      German Snowman,     Snowman Globe Sitter,    Snowman Chiminary,    Snow Place Like Home,    Snowman Joy,   Snowman Roaster    Page 37 Leaf Lid,     Small Rabbits
Page 13 Snowman Pencil Holder,    Turkey Platter,   Snowman Napkin Holder,   Snowman Fiddler,  Snowman Cookie Plate   Page 38 Sitting Frog,   Butterfly Dish,   Frog Shade,   Kitty Gazer
Page 14 Fall  Birdhouse,      Light of the World,       Holly Candle Holder    Page 39 Fountain Log,      Tweet Home,      Woodland Bowl  Base  Stump,       Sitting Angel,      Bench,    Legs
Page 15 Snowbirds,     Christmas Mailbox,    Snowmen on Sled,       Santa Building Snowman,                   Santa's Watching,     Feed the Birds     Page 40    Raccoon  with Cart,     Patio Birdhouse,   Small Angel          
Page 16 Door Snowman,       Let it Snow,      Fountain Bowl.Base.Top,       Corner Angel,       Corner Snowman,    Snowman Candle Holder,       Provincial Angel   Page 41 Birdhouse Pencil Holder,     Squirrels with Birdhouses,     Flat Birdhouse with Rabbits,     Fountain Reservoir,   Sitting Raccoon with Birdhouse,     Wolf Insert,      Fountain Base,      Small Squirrel with Birdhouse,      Gnome with Birdhouses 
Page 17 3 Snowmen with Tree,     Snowman with Stars,     Snowman Tub,     Snowman Birdhouse   Page 42 Pottery Penguins
Page 18 Patriotic Angel,      Snowman Globe Sitter,      Large US Santa,      Christmas Book Lid,    Patriotic Ornaments,      Provincial Santa with Boy   Page 43 Megaphone/Pom Pom,    Roarie the Lion,   Jack,   Lady Shoe,   Hand Bag,  Big Air Lizzard
Page 19 Melt My Heart Candle Holder,           Snowman with Base Candle Holder   Page 44 Small Picture Frame,     Dino Bank,     Frog Plate,     Rabbit Plate,     Cat Plate,     Hex Box,     Heart Box,   Moon Box,   Star Box,  Cow Bank,   Little Kitty,   Little Pup
Page 20 Hummingbird Feeder,     Plain Scroll Tablet,      Ent for Stake   Page 45 Hanging Hat,     Shoe Hat Purse,     Three Little Fish,     Sea Life
Page 21 Snowman Chiminary,      Snowman Roaster Candle Holder,     Snow Place Like Home,    Snowman Joy,             Provincial Santa,       Byron Angels,      Byron Church   Page 46 Friend Tablet
Page 22 Wolf Spirit Totem   Page 47 Koi Shade
Page 23 Native Pride Chief,    Native Glory Maiden,   Wall Shield with Wolf Mask,    Rock Arch,    Wolves,    Wall Shield with Brave Mask,     Racing Stein,    Large Eagle Shade,   Elephant,   Cliff Candle Cozy,   Buda,    Provincial Cowboys   Page 48 Tile  Planter
Page 24 Stone Planter,   Great Hunt Totem,   Woodland Stump,  Teepee Birdhouse,   Tree Hugger,   Small Plain Slab,     Small Rock Planter,     Large Fossil Stone,      Medium Fossil Stone,    Small Fossil Stone,    Chief Dish,   Horse Shade,    Brave Fossil Stone,  Eagle Fossil Stone,  Small Wolf Slab,    Dream Weaver   Page 49 Rooster Watering Can,      Frog  Tiki
Page 25 Wolf Shield,   Native Beauty,   Native Brave,   Wolf,     Frankenstein,   Light Attachment   Page 50 Home Rock,    Believe Rock,    Girl Twig Bunny,    Boy Twig Bunny


Page 51 Romance Wall Planter,   Romance Pot,   Baby Shoe,   Roman Planter,    Doris the Rabbit,   Topiary,     Welcome for stake,       Daisy Flower Child,       Birdhouse for stake,      Stake,   Frog with Birdhouse  Page 76 Large Oggy Froggy   15" L
Page 52 Cross Stone,    Resurrection Stone,    Bunny Plate,   "Speak No Evil"  Rabbit,     Bunny Egg, "Hear No Evil" Rabbit,   "See No Evil" Rabbit,  Bunny Foo Foo,   Cross Mirror Accessory, Plain Candle Cozy,    Large Plain Shade,    Church,   Steeple,  Lily,   Violets,  Easter Egg Page 77 Reading Gnome on side
Page 53 Gazing Cherub,     Column Ball Holder,     Magnolia Shade,     Small Kissing Angel,     Roman Base,        Small Fairy,                  Kneeling Cherub,     Seed Leaf,   Page 78  
Page 54 Gazing Frog,     Coliseum Urn,     Love Trivet,     Grape Cross,   Rejoice Shade Page 79  
Page 55 Let It Grow Pot,   Gazing Frog,   Gazing Rabbit,   Gazing Cherub,     Column Ball Holder Page 80  
Page 56 U.S.A. Heart Box,    U.S. Eagle,   U.S. Flag Shade,   Patriotic Pins Page 81  
Page 57 Woodland Bowl,   Woodland Stump,   Lord's Supper,    Jesus In Garden,   Wooden Votive, Picket Fence Shade Page 82  
Page 58 Woodland Watering Can,     Sassy Cat,     Fat Cat,    Stone Planter,    Birdhouse for Planter, Mini Plain Slab,    Picket Pots,     Birdies/Egg Sign,     Wooden Votive,      Lighthouse for Planter,     Hands to Work Birdhouse Page 83  
Page 59 Summer Mailbox Page 84 Large Lady Bug,   Lady Bug Kids
Page 60 Fountain Base,    Fountain Reservoir,    Fish Insert,    Birdhouse Insert,    Spring Birdhouse,   Grape Planter,    Milkcan Mailbox,      Squirrel with Birdhouses,           Birdhouse Planter Page 85 Small Pelican Pot,       Small Pelican Pot Head,        Small Flying Bird Pot,        Large Pelican Pot,               Hen Stake
Page 61 Rabbit Birdhouse,     PC Birdhouses,    PC Angels,     Chameleons,     Chameleon on Log,   Fountain Bowl Top,   Fountain Bowl,    Flying Ducks,     Angel,          Fountain Pool Page 86 Boulder Buddies,          Leo & Rabbit,            Rabbit Back,        Tip Toe Frogs,         Kindness Frogs,       Frog Rock Box & Lid
Page 62 Right Corner Angel,       Left Corner Angel,       Birdhouse Dome,       Fountain Door,     Well for Door,   Jesus Knocking,   Jesus with Children,  Candle Holder,  Dragon & Unicorn,  Fountain Bowl,   Fountain Bowl top,   Princess,    Page 87 Jimmy Squirrel,          Frog Bank,         Cat Planter,          Feed Log,        Feed Sign,          Cat Greeter,      Dog Greeter,             Dog Planter
Page 63 Flower Frog Page 88  
Page 64 Stone Planter,     Angel/Girl,      Happy Gazer,      Believe Insert,      Blessed Garden Base,  Friends  Shade Page 89  
Page 65 Winter Pottery Wreath Page 90  
Page 66 Plush Duck,   Standing Dragon,   Country Boy,    Dog Page 91  
Page 67 Courting Dragon Page 92  
Page 68 Ye Old Village,   Holliday Mail,   Santa Stop Tablet,    Snow Friends Page 93  
Page 69 Fall Tablet,       Trick or Treat Tablet,         Snow Tablet,         Snow Kids Lid,            Snowman Waterer,     Santa Waterer,      Pumpkin Waterer,      Pumpkin Kids Lid Page 94  
Page 70 Pottery Penguin Ornaments,     Snowman Gate,     Flip Flop Orn,       Snowman Box,    Snowman with Penguins,   Penguin with Tree  Page 95  
Page 71 Fairy   17.5" T,      Plain Shovel   Page 96  
Page 72 Spring Welcome,     Summer Frog Fence,     Garden Imp,     Leap Frog  Page 97  
Page 73 Window Frogs,     Window Gnomes,      Barley Frog Gnome,      Heber Barrel Gnome,    Silas Stoop Gnome,      Door,     Door Base Page 98  
Page 74 Frog Reading a Book Page 99  
Page 75 The Creep,        Large Oggy Frog,       Alfred the Gnome,       Happy Bowl Page 100