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Page 1 Medium Piggy Pot Page 16 Rock Scrubby,       Small Cat
Page 2 3 Baby Frog Hopper Pots, Hot Dog - Laying Dog Pot,        Dog Cup,  Up Doggie - Dog Pot Page 17 Clyde Small Cat,        Scrubbys:   Cat,  Dog,  Crab,  Flower,  Gator,  Tennis shoe,  Chicken
Page 3 Angel Pot,                  Grandma Pot Page 18  
Page 4 Salty - Large Fish   Page 19 Swinging Ghost,     Large Cat Pot,      Grandpa's Loafers,         Albert Alligator,         Knob Access.,   Medium Cat Pot,  
Page 5 Frita - The Elephant,  Rusty - The Giraffe,  Small Elephant Candle Holder,  Large Elephant Candle Holder, Small Giraffe Candle Holder,  Large Giraffe Candle Holder  Page 20 Large Lady Bug,          Lady Bug Kids
Page 6 3 Fish Ornaments,    Ghost,    Ghost Spider House Votive,    Claus Candlestick Holder,   Santa Candlestick Holder,      St Nick,      3 Happy Star Ornaments,     Fluffty the Snowpot, Peek-A-Boo True - Gnome,     Peek-A-Boo Blue Gnome,         3 Fish Ornaments Page 21 Large Pelican Pot,    Small Pelican Pot,    Small Flying Bird Pot,    Hen
Page 7 Skull for Stake,     2 Reindeer, Cross Bones,     2 Tassel Santas,      Peppy - Penguin Pot,     Large Penguin Pot,      Access Fluffty Head-838 Page 22 Elephant,    Tip Toe Frogs,    Frog Rock Box,    Leo & Rabbit,    Boulder Buddies
Page 8 Over the Edge-Welcome Rock,    Edge Rocks Page 23 Cat Planter,     "Jimmy" Squirrel,      Frog Bank,     Feed Log,     Feed Sign,     Big Foot,    Dog Planter,       Cat Greeter,    Dog Greeter,      
Page 9 Sean -  Boy Gnome Page 24 Family Trees,    Abominable Jr,    Penguin Package,    Let it Snow Snowman
Page 10 Truly  -  The Elephant Page 25 Welcome Slab,     Boulder Feet,    Mini  Stump,     Chepo Troll,     Waddle Waterer,     Paddy O'Fellagan,   Small Stump for 1100,   Welcome Planter,    Java Gnome,    Frog Pot
Page 11 Sweet Sunshine Box,     Man with Pots,       Cute Kitty Page 26 Dog Thermometer,    Cat Thermometer,   
Page 12 Pacifier Bear Page 27 Sunshine Birdhouse,   Watering Elephant,   Man with Pots,    Pot a Pillar,    Bee an Angel Plaque,   Fat Cat
Page 13 Big Foot Page 28 Wooden Pitcher
Page 14 Bud & Buddy  (2 vases)   Page 29 Large Monkey Pot,         Tiny Cow Pots,       Tommy Turtle Senior,         "No Evil" Money Pots,               Frog Incense Burner,       Fat Mouse for stake,      Skinny Mouse for stake
Page 15 Jar Box,         Pup Lid,        Cat Lid  Page 30  


Page 31 Mister Snowman Pot,       Match Stick Snowman,       Large Reindeer Pot,         Skulls,     Pip & Pen Penguin Pots,      Small Snowman Pots,         Medium Reindeers Pots,       Haunted Tree &    Pumpkins    
Page 32 Snowstar Ornaments,          Happy Tree Ornaments,         Haunted Tree & Pumpkins    
Page 33 "I Have A Temperature",          "Maggie" Elephant Pot,          Dancing Elephant Stake,          Happy Hippo Pot,       Elephant Shelf Sitter,        
Page 34 Wally Wall Fish,      Salty Large Fish,      Wally Wall Fish Wife,      Charlie Fish Shelf Sitter,    Waddle Pot,      Frog in the Outfield,     Medium Fish "Wave",     Fish on Waves  Votive,    Small Fish "Sandy",     Feisty Gnome on Mushroom     
Page 35 Wood Spirit Birdhouse,    Love Bugs-Fruit Fly,    Base,    Giraffe Stake,     Albert Alligator,    Standing Alligator,             Love Bugs-Katydid,           Love Bugs-Praying Mantis,           Love Bugs-Centipede,   2 Small Elephant Pots,     Baby Alligator Shelf Sitter    
Page 36 Large Cat Pot,    Grandpa's Loafers,    Albert Alligator,    Medium Cat Pot    
Page 37 Swinging Cow,       "Huey" Cow Pot,       Large Cow Pot,         "Bing" Swinging Gnome,    Dignity Cow Pot,     Duey Cow Pot    
Page 38 X-Lg Piggy Pot Hopper,   "Could be my Dog" Pot,    Frog Pot Hopper,     Laying Dog Pot,    Baby Frog Hopper Pots,      Lay Down Puppy Dog Pot,      "Up Doggie" Puppy Dog Pot,     Mr. Thomas Sitting Rat,     Dog Cup    
Page 39 Swinging Frog,       Worker Gnome Pot,       Frog Hopper Pot,      "Eldor" the Birdfeeder,   Medium Piggy Pot,       King Frog,       2 Piggy Pots,       Large Piggy Pot    
Page 40 Small Gnome with Book - Laying    
Page 41 Large Oggy Froggy    
Page 42 Alfred Pot,    Small Oggy Froggy,    Happy Bowl,     The Creep,     Large Oggy Froggy    
Page 43 Reader Frog    
Page 44 Window Frogs,    Window Gnomes,      "Herber"  Barrel Gnome,      "Barley"  Frog Gnome,  "Silas"  Stoop Gnome    
Page 45 Leap  Frog,     Garden Imp,     Summer Frog Fence,     Spring Welcome      
Page 46 Snowman Box,     Snowman with Penguins,      Penguin with Tree,      Flip Flop Ornaments,    Pottery Penguin Ornaments,     Snowman Gate    
Page 47 Ent for Stake    
Page 48