Boothe Index Page 


Macky has purchased the Boothe Mold Company.  Most of the photos are of

the work of Patty Boothe.   Some other artist's work is also shown and hopefully

credits are given when appropriate.   Our thanks to these fine artists.

Boothe Price List  

Macky Home Page

Page 1   Page 31 Garden Accents,                   Markers,               Violet Pots,                  Sprinklers
Page 2   Page 32 Barn Canisters,          Roosters,                    Apple & Corn Bowls
Page 3 Ice Cream Dishes,       Butter Keepers,         Soup Pot with Cups,        Watermelon,    Potato Boats Page 33 Milk Bottles,         Vegetables
Page 4 Childs Tea Set,       Tea for One,           Hole in One Teapots,         Tea & Coffee Page 34 Photo Frames,       Curtain Accents,        Discs,             Switch/Plug Covers
Page 5 Lidded Bowls,      Goblets,          Compotes,         Juicer,         Pancake Warmer,         Divided Tray Page 35 Victorian Lace Animals
Page 6 Square Plates,         Lettuce Dishes,           Bag Dispensers,         Buffet Tray,          Beverage Dispenser Page 36 Lace Bathroom and Desktop
Page 7 Platters,              Pasta Bowls,                 Pitchers,        Heart Egg Dish,       Apple Plate,     Toast Plate Page 37 Lace Candleholders,               Vases,            Photo,            Boxes
Page 8 Carafes,             Goblets,          Steins,         Stems,                 Ashtray,             Cord Caddy,             Cats Page 38 Baskets
Page 9 Trays,       Plates,         Cake Plate,                   Tea and Coffee,         Corn Dishes Page 39 Hinged Boxes,            Heart Boxes,             Mini Boxes
Page 10 Savannah,         Watermelon,       Lemon,          Colander,            Stove Top Cover Page 40 Cherub Accents
Page 11 Spoon Holders,           Popcorn Holders and Bowls,                                    Mini Slant Jars Page 41 Cherub Dinnerware
Page 12 Trivets,        Chip & Dip,                 Cool Dips, Page 42 Candle Shades and Bases
Page 13 Bowls Page 43 Lights Out Jars
Page 14 Twist on Salt & Pepper,                Spice Jars Page 44 Candle Holders,               Votive Cups
Page 15 Village Shakers,                 Jars,                      Animal head Jars Page 45 Tealight  Candle Holders
Page 16 Pie Plates,                Rectangle & Oval Bakers with Lids Page 46 Melt Pots
Page 17 Cookie Trays,                   Poachers,                        Bakers Page 47 Seasonal Melt Pots
Page 18 French Country Plain  Dinnerware,                  Square Canister Page 48 Lotion and Soap Dispensers
Page 19 Classic Dinnerware Page 49 Seasonal and Animal dispensers
Page 20 Country Canisters,                   S & P,               Caddy,                 Cookie Jar Page 50 Toy Boxes,                        Alphabet and Numbers
Page 21 Square Canisters,                  Snap Jars,                 Pail Canisters Page 51 Piggy Banks,                Dog & Cat Dishes,                  Gnomes
Page 22 Classic Slant Canisters,               Classic Lids Page 52 Easter Baskets and Boxes
Page 23 Traditional Canisters,                 Octagon Canisters,              Lighthouse Lid,              Bakers Page 53 Halloween  Favors and Accents
Page 24 Formal Canisters,               Tea Set,                     Desktop Page 54 Christmas Relay Designs,               Santa Cups
Page 25 Mugs,                 Book coasters, Page 55 Nativity,               Carolers,                           Ornaments
Page 26 Soap Dishes,                French Country Page 56 Muffin Pans
Page 27 Knobs,               Ring Holders,                  Bath Page 57 Carousel Camel & Lion
Page 28 Trays for Decals and Brushstroke Page 58 Carousel Horse & Rabbit
Page 29 Baskets,                    Birdhouses,                    Boxes Page 59 Trivet / Glass Caddy,                   Spoon Rests
Page 30 Address Frames,                 Number Tiles,                    Weed Pocket Page 60 Electric Melt Pots


Page 61 Candle Bases and Shades,             Votive Cups Page 77 Square Vases,      Ginger Jar,     Bouquet Pitchers,     Crosses,       Butter Keeper
Page 62 Bird Feeder,             Victorian Home Canister Lid,           Berry Harvest Jar Page 78 Red Hat,      Salt Piglet,        Mug Caddy,              Whittles Fox
Page 63 Vase Event,              Garden Box with Flower Lids,                    Flower Pot Page 79  
Page 64 Camel Back Tiles,              Roaster Server,                Relish Trough,              Eyeglass Tray Page 80  
Page 65 Batter Pitcher,              Milk Pitcher,              Dipping Bowls,                 Business Card Holders Page 81  
Page 66 Memorial Eagles,                  Ribbons,                             Snowmen Page 82  
Page 67 Country Heart,                Tile,                        Cut Outs Page 83  
Page 68 Pumpkin Pie Dish with Lid,                    Hinged Egg Box,               Easter Turtle,        Hen Page 84  
Page 69 Snowman Cookie Jar,                Santa Cut Outs,                Four Corner Dishes Page 85  
Page 70 Popcorn Bowl,              What-a-dishes,                   Crock Bowl,                     Pedestal Pitcher Page 86  
Page 71 Cheese Lady,                Marble System Page 87  
Page 72 Petal Boxes,              Milk Bottle Pump,                Jumbo Brushes,               Hang Abouts Page 88  
Page 73 French Vases,                Whittles Page 89  
Page 74 Two and Four Glass Trivet / Caddies,                                Spoon Rests, Page 90  
Page 75 Coupe Platter,                   Bowl,                  Plates,                Teapot Lid for 544,                Poolside Pump Page 91  
Page 76 Tea Light Mug,              Melting Pots,                        Candle Mug, Page 92