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Page 1 Large Four Season Plates Page 3 Cougar Family, Wolf Family
Page 2 Small Four Season Plates Page 4  Boy & Girl Graduates


Page 5 Rose Vanity Set Page 7 Warrior Spirits Lamp/ Vase,   Indian Child w/Owl,   Young Brave w/Bear,   Indian Brave,   Indian Maid
Page 6 Snowman,  Snow woman Page 8 Alpine Kids   Kris and   Dotti


Page 9      
Page 10 Comfort in the Garden,  Angel of the Lord    
Page 11 Angels of the Lord,             Angel of Hope      
Page 12 Saint Francis,  Christ with Chalice,   Walking on the Water    
Page 13 Indian Girl Bust,   Indian Boy Bust     
Page 14 Nativity    
Page 15 Indian with Baby - Evening Star,  Indian with Pipe,  Indian Boy,  Indian Girl    
Page 16 Comfort in the Garden,   Jesus and the Children,    Angels of the Lord       
Page 17 Christ Ascending,     The Crucifixion        
Page 18 Jesus and the Children,  Way of the Cross,  Mary at the Cross,  Religious Plate, Angels of the Lord    
Page 19 Raphael's Madonna        
Page 20 Palm Sunday,        Comfort in the Garden    
Page 21 Seppi,   Anni,  Pauli,  Teppi,   Dieter,   Heidi       
Page 23 Large Church     17" H    
Page 24 Brush Holder    
Page 25