Kinzie Molds

                                                         Kinzie Price List

Page 1  Plain Large Rock,   Buffalo Warrior Rock,   Horsewoman Rock,    Chief Rock,  Plain Small Rock,    Plain Lid,      Bunny & Berries Small Stone,   Raccoon Lid,  Round Box,  10 Point Buck Lid,   Wood Ducks Lid,    Squirrel Lid 


Page 2 Wolf Maiden Frame,    Eagle Frame,    Twin Fawns Frame,    Plain Frame,   Loons Scene,   Mallard Scene,  Hooded Maganser,     Mallard,      Canada Goose,     Wood Duck


Page 3 Mountain Lake,    Unicorn Lid,   Pegasus Lid,   Butterfly Lid,   Indian Petting Wolves,      Cliff Dwellings, Wolf Rocks,     Indian & Pack Horse,     Fairy,      Opossum & Bird


Page 4 Chipmunks,    Bear & Honey Tree stone,     Plain Rock,    Skunk Stone,    Opossum Stone,    Mouse Stone,  Pine Tree Island,     Wolves & Butterfly Lid,     Plain Box Bottom


Page 5 Wolf Vase,       Flight of Eagles Vase,      Wolf Woman Vase,       Fawn Vase


Page 6 Large Plain Designer Vase,    Medium Plain Designer Vase,    Small Plain Designer Vase,                              Wolf Woman Vase,        Bear & Brave Vase


Page 7 Wolves & Woods Rock,     Howling Wolf Rock,     Mail Box Rock,      Baby Chipmunks,    Santa  Lid,      Plain Box Bottom,      Stump & Leaves Lid  


Page 8 Deer at Wood's Edge Vase,   Rustic House Vase,    Horse Vase,     Barn & Pump Vase,    Old Mill Vase,     Double Wolves Rock,      Plain Large Rock,       Lighthouse  Vase    


Page 9 Rooster Frame,     Barn Frame,    Calf Frame,     Plain Mount  with Lids   butterfly, lighthouse, cats, mouse


Page 10   3 Kittens Lid,     Mouse in Flowers Lid,    Box Bottom,    Wolves n Woods Lid,      Plain Freeform Vase, Raccoon Family Jug,     Mice & Mushrooms Stone       


Page 11 Cat Jug,     Covered Bridge Vase,       Plain Designer Vase


Page 12 Small Plain Stone,   Cliff Dwellers,  Loon Boulder,    Eye Chart,    Large Plain Stone,  Girl Hugging Pony Lid,  Fawn & Flowers Stone,     Loon Frame,   Loon & Baby Lid,  Box Bottom,  Fox Family Lid,   Eagle Lid,     Ram, Bear, Buffalo, Wolf Magnets  (4);


Page 13 Indian & Buck Boulder,       Indian & Chipmunk Vase,         Plain Boulder,       Grizzly & Girl Stone,       Plain Small Vase,     Wolf & Grizzly Stein


Page 14 Church Rock,    Owl Rock,    Santa's Workshop Rock,     Nativity Rock,       Wilderness Wreath Box Lid,        8-Sided Flat,     Round Flat,     Box Bottom,     Wolf Box Lid,         Lighthouse Magnets (2)


Page 15 Plain Rock,     Buck Vase,     Cat Rock,     Small Plain Rock,     Twin Fawns Lid,      8-Sided Flat Mount,      Round Flat Mount,      Dragon Box Lid,       Fireman w/Kitten Box Lid


Page 16 Animal Eye Chart,       Human Eye Chart,       Rising Dove Egg,       Christ Egg,         Animal Magnets,        Life Size Bunnies 


Page 17 Plain Designer Vase,         Deer Rock,     Pueblo Village Vase       Little Feather Vase,      Fawn & Maiden Rock,      Eagle Rock,             Indian & Cougar Vase, 


Page 18 Snowman with Friends


Page 19 Christmas Tree shaped Penguin Plate,   Oval Snowman & Penguin Plate,   Indian Magnets,                         Boy & Girl Angel Magnets,      Sweet Heart Bears Magnets  


Page 20 Small Horse Rock,       Horse Box Lid,        Bear Band Magnets,        Dog/Bone & Cat/Fish Magnets


Page 21 Splashing Horses Rock,    Humming Bird Lid,    Mother & Baby Lid,       9-11 Tribute   


Page 22 Large Rock Base,       Light House Rock,       Small Rock Base,      Rooster Lid,      Round Lid Mount,      8-Sided Lid Mount,         Bird House Lid,       Horse Box Lid   


Page 23 Angel Box Lid,     Angel Plate  Oval,     Small Church Rock,     Small Nativity Rock,     Old Mill Stream,     Lamp Adaptor


Page 24 Nativity Rock,      Snowman,      Santa's Workshop,     Church Rock,      Snowman Plate,     Tree Penguin,       Tree Snowmen Plate,      Mail Box Rock    
Page 25