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Mikes Price List


Page 1 Thoroughbred Stallion  Page 21  Moose,               Deer
Page 2 Atlantis Chess Set  Page 22  "Lucky" Elephant,                   Elk
Page 3 Fireman,       Deer,        Whale,        Trucker Steins  Page 23   Angels,              Victorian Clock,              Nuns
Page 4 Elk,         Falcon  Page 24   Mountain Sheep,            Fox Family,              Lamp Base
Page 5 Tropical Fish,        Trout  Page 25   Wolves,            Cougars,        Ram
Page 6 Large Mare & Colt,       Bengal Tiger Cubs  Page 26   Antelope,              Pronghorn,          Deer
Page 7 Giraffe Family  Page 27  Hummingbirds,                 Baby Seals
Page 8 Wig Wam    &    Chief Steins  Page 28  Fashion Ladies,               Flower Girl
Page 9 Wolf on Rock,        Wolf with Pup,        Lonely Wolf  Page 29   Eagles,                Indian with Eagle
Page 10 Dolphins,         Fish Plaque  Page 30   Eagles II
Page 11 Elephant Family,        Giraffes,         Zebras,         Lion  Page 31  Falcons,         Eagle Head Plaque
Page 12 Deer Family,           Beavers,           Elk  Page 32   Bear,          Deer,             Cougar,                  Duck Steins
Page 13 Leaping Fish  Page 33    Squirrels,            Foxes,             Bears,            Cougar
Page 14 Horses,           Bear,               Wolves  Page 34   6"  Eagles
Page 15 Eagle,            Elk  Page 35    Grey Wolves,               Cougar,              Jaguar
Page 16 Cougar,          Wolf on Rock,                Fish Vase  Page 36    Figurines for Lace Draping,              Gentleman Jim
Page 17 Deer Family  Page 37    Owls,            Blue Birds,             Parakeets,              Bird 
Page 18 Eagle with Babies                                                                                      Page 38   Ducks,                  Scissor tailed Flycatcher
Page 19 Small Pelicans,         Shells,       Seagull Soap,       Nuns,        Bath Items  Page 39    Fisherman Stein 
Page 20 Small Eagles  Page 40   Casserole  with Lid,            Teapot,               Shell


Page 41 Wolf,             Mallard Duck,          Indian,          Elephant,           Fox Steins Page 49 Praying Christ at Rock,        Carrying the Cross,        Holy Family
Page 42 Christmas Stein,      Angels Page 50 Tropical Fish,          Dolphins
Page 43 U.S. Air Force & U.S. Marine Stein Page 51   Running Deer,        Elk
Page 44 U.S. Navy Stein Page 52 Dolphins,               Tropical Fish
Page 45 U.S. Army Stein Page 53 Cougars
Page 46 Angel with Children & w/Boy,        Joseph with Child,           Large  Angel Page 54 Jaguar,               Elephants,            Antelope
Page 47 Buffalo Stein,              Cougar over Ram Page 55 Mini Wolves,         Backdrop-Base
Page 48 Fishing Bear Page 56  Mini Elk,             Backdrop-Base
Page 57 Mini Moose,             Backdrop-Base    
Page 58  Mini Bears,            Backdrop-Base Page 61 Rock n Roll Singer,        Figurines
Page 59 Cows,  Elephants Page 62 Tigers,        Lion,       Bears


Page 63 Large Wolves Page 67 Figurines
Page 64 Bears Page 68 King Elephant   
Page 65 Xmas Lights,        Stein,        Santa Mug Page 69 Raccoon Kitchen
Page 66 Horses,         Cows Page 70   Indian Jug with Buffalo Hunt attachments


Page 71    Indian Jug with Campfire attachments Page 77 Angels,   Christ Praying,  Christ Carrying the Cross,    Holy Family
Page 72   Indian Jug with Indian Maiden with Wolves Page 78 Unicorn Bust
Page 73 Indian Jug with Village attachments Page 79 Bears
Page 74 Large Falcon,         Loons    
Page 75 Fish & Deer Plaques,         Vases    
Page 76   Indians,        Stein,        Cougar on Rock