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Page 1 Cinderella,    Coach,      Prince Page 3 Studio Baby Animals
Page 2 Bunny Tea Set Page 4 Thinker,          Creation,             Lovers


Page 5 Santa, Elves,    Workshop,        Mail House Reindeer,     Command Tower Page 9  Favors,       Name Tags
Page 6   Crosses,         Ascending Jesus,     Mary,       Orchid Box and Cross Page 10 Indian Kids
Page 7   Apple Boy,      Blossom Girl  Figurines,      Alpine Friends Page 11 Dove Planters,      Vase
Page 8     Bunny Basket,     Chick Basket Page 12 Farm People,         Barn & Silo,      Grist Mill,       Farm House


Page 13 Rainy Day Children,        Picnic in Cart,      Jewelry Keeper,       Goose Boy Page 27 Indians Canoeing,       Mother's Courage,       Indian Family,        Indian Romance,        Mother's Lesson,                            Small  Hiawatha's Wedding,          Small Morning Dove,      Family Love,         The Great Spirit
Page 14 Guardian Angel,  Two Children Page 28 The Guiding Spirits,       Eagle Protector,       Girl with Lamb
Page 15 Sacagawea,        Sun Dancer,       Morning Dove,           Family Love Page 29 Pronghorn Tracker,        Owl Spirit
Page 16 Indian Girl Bust,       Indian w/Bear Shield,            Indian Boy & Girl  Page 30 Patriotic Santa
Page 17 Nativity & Crèche Page 31 Maiden with Jar,       Shaman Memories,        Wolf Brothers
Page 18 Pack Mule,    Bull Rider  Page 32 Indian Family Love Jewelry,       Indian Family,         Indian Romance,          Eagle Prince
Page 19 Sun Dancer,       Morning Dove,        Indian Love,      Indian Tom-Tom,    the Rescue Page 33 Small Eagle Prince,          Snowy Owl Medicine,      Hawk Hunters,       Horned Owl Sharman,       Small Owl Spirit,          Spirit of the Winds,      Grandmother Love,      Companions of the Wild & Small size,      Small Buffalo Medicine,                 Spirit of the Hunt,        Hunters of the Wild,       Indian Victory,         Small Wolf Princess
Page 20 Indian Head w/Wolves,           Wolf Runner,           Hiawatha's Wedding

Indian Woman w/Animals,             Eagle Homage/Man

Page 34 Santa Over the World,         Mrs. Claus with Bird,                       Santa with Snow Queen
Page 21 Santa with Bell Page 35 Oval Santa Ornaments,         3 Unicorn Ornaments
Page 22 Western Cowboy with Calf on shoulders,  Cowboy with Horse,  Cowgirl with Horse,  Buffalo Page 36 Waving Santa with Toys,         Bust of Santa with Girl
Page 23 The Capture,        Buffalo Spirit,         Indian Love,     Wolf Runner, etc Page 37 Victoria Angel,            Angel of Hope,        Angel of the Lord
Page 24 Santa Ornaments Page 38 Indian with Bear Shield
Page 25 Patriotic Santa,         Colonial Santa,     Father Christmas with Bell Page 39 Buffalo Head
Page 26 Wolves Running,     Maiden with Jar,     Wolf Brothers,     Indian Heroes,    Indian Children (2), Nature Spirit,     Wilderness Friends,    Dancing Indian Girl,    Storyteller,    Buffalo Memories Page 40 Indian Santa,       Farmer Santa 


Page 41 Angel with Flute,       Angel with Bird,           Victorian Angel,                         Page 51 Santa with Holly Tree,     Santa with Bear,       Santa with List,       Santa with Animals
Page 42 Jesus for Fountain,     Fountain Bowl & Base,    Madonna & Child,     Jesus At Prayer,    Pope,   St Francis,    Christ / Chalice,     Lamb Sitting,    Bunny Carrots(2),     Bunnies on Carrots(2), Carrots (3),      Butterflies4 Page 52 Santa of Old with Children,      Santa with Child,  St. Nick,     Santa Ornaments  
Page 43 Black Angel Kneeling   Page 53 Snowman Nightlight,    Kissing Santa Claus,    Kissing Mrs Claus,    Saint Nick,       Santa with Donkey small
Page 44 Angel Picture Frame,       Angel with Flute,       Angel with Bird Page 54 Old Time Santa Ornaments,   Old Time Santa Ornaments
Page 45 Indian Woman with Animals Page 55 Old World Santa Ornaments
Page 46 Mother's Courage,     The Guiding Spirits,    Wall Shield,       Shield Base,   Skull with Diamonds, Skull / Triangle/ Diamonds Page 56 Alpine Christmas,      Alpine Sledding 
Page 47 Proud Wolf,      Grizzly Spirit,      Pronghorn Tracker,      Owl Spirit,      Chief with Pipe Page 57 Spring Angel,    Summer Angel,     Autumn Angel,       Winter Angel 
Page 48 Santa with Pony,      Santa with Fairies,     Large Santa with Scroll,      Santa with Baby,        Santa with Bird Page 58 Santa with Lion,     Santa with Snow Queen,    Santa with Holly Tree,    Waving Santa with Toys,    Victorian Angel 
Page 49 4 Santa Ornaments,     Gifts from Santa,     Father Christmas,      Santa with Baby Reindeer, w/Standing Reindeer Page 59 Girl with Lamb,    Wolf Girl,    The Guiding Spirits,    Eagle Protector,    Buffalo Dancer
Page 50 Large Santa 19",      Santa with Lantern,     Santa with Reindeer,      Woodland Santa,           Santa w/Furry Suit Page 60 Angel with Accordion,     Angel with Violin,     Angel with Harp


Page 61 Unicorn Ornaments Page 86 Indian Children,       Eagle Princess Shield,        Wolf Vision,       Large Pot with Feathers,       Large Pot with Handles,       Large Round Pot,      Eagle Spirit Shield,          Indian Woman with Baby  
Page 62 Small  Victorian Angel,     Angel Kneeling,     Angel Man w/Lamb,     Angel Boy Praying,   Angel Girl Praying Page 87 Wolf Family,       Howling Wolf,        Wolves Running   
Page 63 Cross with Girl Praying,    Cross with Boy Praying  Page 88 Mother's Courage,       The Guiding Spirits,      Wall Shield,       Shield Base,     Skull with Diamonds,       Plain Skull,     Wedding Vase,       Skull  with Triangles and Diamonds,      Pot with Feathers,           Pot with Two Handles,                         Pot Round with Zig Zag,        Pot w/Ropes & Beads
Page 64 Chief Crazy Horse,           Warrior Princess,               End of the Trail Bookends,              Indian Girl Bust,              Indian Boy Bust,          Shaman Warrior Page 89 Farmer Santa,     Santa Ceramist,      Santa with Colt,    Medium Angel Picture Frame,       Large Angel Picture Frame,        Two Angel Kids,           Small Angel Picture Frame  
Page 65 Mother's Courage,   Wolf Huntress,   The Storyteller,  Dancing Indian Boy,  Dancing Indian Girl  Page 90 Santa with Polar Bears,     Cowboy Santa,       Indian Santa,     Small Victorian Angel Praying,   with Dove,    with Deer
Page 66 Maiden with Pony,       Spirit of the Hunt,         Soaring Eagle,            Spirit of the Winds,  Indian Children,          Huntress with Bear,       War Party Protector Page 91 Angel Boy with Star,   Angel Girl with Star,   Angel Picture Frame,   Angel with Flute,   Angel with Bird,   Angel with Bell
Page 67 Oval Santa Ornaments,       Santa Bust with Child,      Santa Ornaments   Page 92 Black Kneeling Angel,     Small Angel,     Medium Angel,     Large Angel   
Page 68 Santa with Pony,       Santa with Bird,          Santa with Baby,        Santa with Fairies,         Large Santa with Scroll Page 93 Standing Angel Ornaments,   Santa Ornaments,    Girl Puppy Angel,      Boy Puppy Angel,   Angel with Baby Jesus  
Page 69 Eagle Dancer,           Sacagawea,         Indian Boy,         Indian Girl  Page 94 Teddy Bear Angel with Pan Pipes,    Teddy Bear Angel with Harp  
Page 70 Madonna and Child,          First Communion,         Large Madonna Page 95 Cross,     Jesus at Prayer,     Crucifix Jesus Praying Hands,       Bunny Carrots,    Lamb Sitting,    Lamb Laying,     Butterflies
Page 71 Eagle Spirit,     Spirit of the Eagle,     Sitting Bull,     Pueblo Wedding Vase,    Buffalo Memories  Page 96 Small Bear Spirit,        Small Wolf Spirit,          Small Eagle Prince,        Small Soaring Eagle,        Small Buffalo Medicine,      Small Wolf Princess,        Small Companions of the Wild,         Small Owl Spirit
Page 72 Family Love,     Spirit of Crazy Horse,      Cheyenne Brave,       Cheyenne Maiden,           Buffalo Medicine,      Indian and Horse Bust Page 97 Bear Bust,  Wolf Bust
Page 73 Indian Chief,      Indian Woman,       Chief Joseph,       Indian Box,        Buffalo Pipe,            End of the Trail,          Hiawatha's Wedding  Page 98  
Page 74 Hunters of the Wild,       Indian Victory,        Spirit of the Winds,       Soaring Eagle,            Spirit of the Hunt,        Companions of the Wild  Page 99  
Page 75 The Great Spirit,       Huntress with Bear,       Indian Hero's,         Indian Children,            Maiden with Pony Page 100  
Page 76      
Page 77 Indian Chief small,      Indian Woman small,      Buffalo Spirit small,      The Capture small,   Eagle Princess small,     Morning Dove small,      Family Love small     
Page 78 Hiawatha's Wedding small,      Eagle Dancer small,       Eagle Spirit small,     Indian Love,   Sacagawea  small,          Shaman Warrior  small       
Page 79 Nature Spirit,     Wilderness Friends,      Mother's Lesson,      Victorious Warriors,          Indians Canoeing,       Bust of Sitting Bull      
Page 80 Hawk Hunters,     Horned Owl Shaman,      Grandmother Love,      Snowy Owl Medicine    
Page 81 Shield with Wolf,        Indian Woman with Animals,        Wolf Family,             Bear Sitting,  Bear Laying,         Wolf Howling,        Wolf Laying       
Page 82 Angel of the Lord,       Angel of Love,       Angel of Hope,     Santa with Bear,                    Santa with List,         Santa with Animals    
Page 83 Calling the Eagle Spirit,           Eagle Prince      
Page 84 Jesus for Fountain,         Fountain Bowl and Base      
Page 85 Indian Woman with Baby,      Guiding Spirit Shield,         Indian Homage Woman,             Indian Homage Man,          Wolf Vision Luminary,          Luminary Lid and Ring,               Indian with Wolves,        Eagle Dancer Shield