Tampa Bay Home  

                                                      Tampa Bay Price List


Page 1 Sand Dollars,   Spiral Shell,    Shell Dish,  Rose Dish,   Shell Box,   Fluted Bathroom Set Page 26 Icy  Village Pieces   
Page 2 Ribbon / Wreath Plate,   Wreath S&P,    Wreath Napkin Holder,    Wreath Napkin Ring,    Wreath  Candleholder,    Box  &  Lids Country Scenes    
Page 3  Scenic Light up  Winter with Sleigh,  Watermill,    House    Church,            Holly Wreath with Ribbon,   Wreath Inserts    Angel & Candle    
Page 4 Window Bunny in a Basket,     Chip Bowl with Theme Dip Holders,    Elephant Tissue,    Whale   Tissue    
Page 5 Waterfalls Hidden  with Light House,  with Water Wheel Mill,   with Planters       
Page 6 Waterfalls Hidden   with Small Light up Light House,   with Alpine Spring,    with Water Mill     
Page 7 Sitting Fox,    Plate with Lion, Giraffe, & Elephant,  Cups with Giraffe, Lion, Elephant,    Window Pumpkin,  Silhouette Scene Halloween,     Scene Light Up Pumpkin Snatchers,    Small & Large Sunflower    
Page 8 Fire Truck,   Police Car,     Hot Air Balloon / Pumpkin,    Mini Hot Air Balloon,   Cup Hot Air Balloon,   Planter Hot Air Balloon     
Page 9 Angel Silhouette,      Church Silhouette,      Silhouette Back,      Cabin Getaway,       Brick Lighthouse,   Mountain View Base      
Page 10A Cat Silhouette,       Flamingo Silhouette,     Country Silhouette,     Carousel Horse Silhouette      
Page 10B Easter Silhouette,        Old South Silhouette,       Large Ringed Sun Back,         Dinosaur Silhouette,     Small Sun Back,     Teddy Bear Silhouette,     Halloween Silhouette    
Page 11 Winter Silhouette,      Silhouette Back Small Sun,      Nativity Silhouette,      Santa & Fireplace Silhouette,  Winter Town Silhouette      
Page 12 Father Frost Silhouette,       Tree Wrap for Christmas Silhouettes    
Page 13 Icy Church,   Icy Watermill,   Leaf Candle / Planter,     Manatee Tealight    
Page 14 Watermill Scenic Light Up,     American Countryside Scenic Light Up    
Page 15 Mountain Train Scenic Light Up,        
Page 16 Large Light House Scenic Light Up,     7" Boat & Marina,     Countryside Base,   Nautical Scene Front,    Wood Base,      Nature Base    
Page 17 Boatyard Village Scenic Light Up,    Small Light Up Boat,    Small Light Up Light House,   Rock Pieces,    Rock Pot Small,     Rock Pot Medium       
Page 18 Nightlights or Small Light Up,     Winter Cabin,    Boat,    Train,    Heron,    Indian,   Light House,  Farm,  Water Mill    
Page 19 Winter Home Scenic Light up,    Winter Church Scenic Light up,       Winter Coach with Horse,      Mountain Base     
Page 20 Winter Valley Scenic Light Up,          Daytime / Nighttime,          Small Light up Watermill,                 Scenic Light Up Water Mill    
Page 21 Indian Small Light Up,           Indian Couple Scenic Light Up,           Southwest Scenic Light Up,         Alpine Spring Scenic Light Up    
Page 22 Small Christmas Tree and Base,   Large Christmas Tree and Base,   Santa Card Holder,      
Page 23 Christmas Trees,      Holly Wreaths    
Page 24 Winter Church,       Winter Cabin,        Santa & Fireplace Silhouette,      Father Frost Silhouette,               Icy Church,       Icy Lighthouse,         Winter Silhouette,          Winter Town      
Page 25 Winter Scene