Shown below are current Arnel molds.

A paper Arnel catalog is available for $11.00.

Page  1 Sea Life Page 26 Rose Clock,         Sconces,         Candlestick,        Mantle Clock,    Frame
Page 2 Polar Bear,            Cougar Page 27 Grecian Urn,     Candleholder,           St John & St Cecelia Plaques
Page 3 Eagles,               Deer Page 28 Wedgewood,          Lamp,           Victorian Plaque
Page 4 Shoreline Birds Page 29 Candleholder,           Cherub Compote,         Calmady Children Plaque
Page 5 Egrets,             Swans,           Grebe,            Sea Gulls Page 30 Teapot,           Coffee Pot,           Cups,            Soup Tureen
Page 6 Elephant,             Alligator,              Frogs Page 31 Cups,      Mug,           Saucers,       Creamer,         Sugar Bowl
Page 7 Tiger,           Cougar,        Rhino,         Alligator Page 32 Square Plates,     Coupe Plates,     Mixing Bowls,         Pasta Bowl
Page 8 "Pals" Boy with Horse & Dog,         Wild Horses Page 33 Cups,          Saucers,       Bowl,           Pitcher,       S&P,          Teapot,      Creamer
Page 9 Chickens,          Pigs,         Buffalo,           Hereford Bull Page 34 Danish Modern Casseroles,       Coffee Pot,          Teapot,            Chocolate Pot
Page 10 Birds,       Bird House,      Bird Bath,          Urn Page 35 Danish Dinnerware,         Plates
Page 11 Squirrels,        Ducks,             Birds Page 36 Plates,             Platters,           Hexagon bowls,            5" Footed Square Tray
Page 12 Froggies Page 37 Triangle Plates,           Rectangle Plates,             Round Plates,             Bowls
Page 13 More Frogs                                                  Page 38 Casseroles,               Gravy Boat,           Round Butter Dish
Page 14 Fish Platters,         Big Joe Turtle Page 39 Mixing Bowls and Lids
Page 15 Salmon Platters,           Large Salmon,             Josephine Turtle Page 40 Canisters.....     Ball,          Grape,         Traditional
Page 16 Satyr Mask,           Aphrodite,              Grecian Decor Plaque,        Bookend Page 41 Sunflower Canister,         Mushroom Canister,       Bee Hive Cookie Jar
Page 17 Bacchus Plaque,      Mask of Sophocles,               "Pan" Page 42 4",6",8" Square Tile,          Pie Pan,        Pie Birds,           Spoon Rest
Page 18 Nefertiti,         Dreadlock Rasta Mask,             Shona Busts Page 43 Tea Bag Holders,              Artichoke Snack Dish,                 Brillo Frog & Whale
Page 19 Shona Busts,           African Mask & Vase,              Native Plaques Page 44 Candlesticks,               Drawer Knobs
Page 20 African Dancers Page 45 Vases:  Fan,    Bud,     Round,      Square,                 Sprinkling Can
Page 21 Native Man,         Woman,            African Busts,             Art Deco Page 46 Mushrooms,     Garden Worm,             Taffy Turtle
Page 22 Stone Lanterns,          Malayan Masks,             19" Urn w/ Base Page 47 Pig Bank,         Unicorn,      T'Ang Horse,     Spec Holders,           Small Fish
Page 23 Temple Dog,            Oriental Lady Bust,               Ho-Tei Page 48 Pitchers and Bowls
Page 24 Composer Busts,  Frames,  Irish Cross Page 49 More  Pitchers and Bowls
Page 25 Wall Pockets,                Wall Shelves Page 50 Pitchers and Bowls # 3


Page 51 Pitchers and Bowls   # 4 Page 57 Wall Frog / Clock
Page 52 Planters,               Garden Dishes Page 58  Lace Shoe Vase,             Cowboy Boots,           Wall Sconce,            Old Stove
Page 53 Urns,            Jars,            Pitchers Page 59 Vases,              Swan Planters
Page 54 Grape Dinnerware,            Canisters Page 60 St Francis,     Madonna,        Sacred Heart,         Immaculate Heart
Page 55 Grape Plates,              Dinnerware Page 61 Madonna Vase,             Madonna's
Page 56 More Grape Dinnerware Page 62 Tiger,      Lion,     Cheetah,     Elephants,      Gorilla,    Monkeys


Page 63    Jungle Wall Plaque,           Jungle Mosaic Animals Page 67 Nativity Wreaths,         Ornaments
Page 64 Angels Page 68 North Pole Music Box Scene
Page 65 Angels Singing,            Playing Music Page 69 Detailed Photos of North Pole Music Box Scene
Page 66 Christmas Tree,                Childs Nativity,             Bells Page 70 Santa,                  Sleigh,                Basset Hounds with Antlers


Page 71 Great White Shark,           Swordfish,        Salmon,             Trout Page 74 Tiles  2",  4",  6",  8",  10",  12",      Trivet Tile Holder,    Angel Hearts
Page 72 Pacific Northwest & Southwest Indian Vases    
Page 73 Relief Tiles    6" and  2"