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Page 1 Sea Plaques Page 6 Train Engine Gumball,                     Lamp
Page 2 Halloween Page 7 Cowboy Boots,              Hat Chip & Dip                Prices on Western page
Page 3 Tea Pots and Cookie Jars Page 8 Tesoro Dolphin Napkin & Coasters
Page 4 Pie and Quiche Dishes Page 9 Tesoro Afro Dancers & Statue,     Jazz Band Modern
Page 5 Flamingos                       Vicki Molds Page 10 McRon Native Man & Woman


Page 11 Dogs,       Cats,        Deer,        Bowling ,                         Shade Tree Page 17 Pastry Tray
Page 12 Greyhound,               Cats                                               Bil-mar Molds Page 18 Brush Country
Page 13 Vases                                                                            Vicki Molds Page 19 Rodeo Mugs from Western
    Page 20 Shaving Mug from Western
Page 15 Art Deco Lady  22" H Page 21 McRon Native
Page 16 Watermelon Dishes Page 22  

Mold Key 

Holland      HO

Catskill      CL

Castle       CA

Macky      M

Alberta    A

Sittre      SIT

Ocean State      OS

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